Hi, I'm Jan Baykara.
I make things that are awesome things awesome things things stuff awesome. Quirky personal fact here.* Yada yada only eat organic marinated artichokes blah blah your sex life will improve by hiring m- Look, this is getting out of hand.
Let's start over a tad less sickly optimistic

Jan Baykara, Graphic Designer

Jan Baykara, Web Designer

Jan Baykara, Web Designer

Jan Baykara, Web Developer


Design · Development JQuery · HTML / CSS
A self-initiated mini-project that took up a few hours of a February '14 evening. A meme generator that allows users to customise and mimic the decision interface of medieval lord simulating game "Crusader Kings II", and share with others. The site's first day saw some 17,000 unique users visitors, mainly through social media. Visit CrusaderMemes


Design · Development AJAX · PHP · JQuery · APIs
A single-day project, self-initiated after no comparable tool could be found via Google search. Seeks data from user input through Steam's APIs to compare the owned games of two users, to allow for matchmaking. Project used to self-educate in AJAX (frontend-backend in-page data transfer). Visit SteamCompare


Design · Development PHP · MYSQL · OAUTH · RSS
A self-initiated RSS reader project. Imports data from the Feedly Cloud API to populate a local database of feeds and categories, and dynamically arranges content in a varied grid of columns and colours. Titled after the ancient Greek tradition of diplomats posted to foreign citizens, relaying news and events. Visit Proxenos


Identity · Design Photoshop · Illustrator
Identity & publicity design for a themed ball event. Results in digital, print and largescale print outputs for indoor and outdoor use.
Large-scale print for double doorway

Poster pack design

Identity · Design Photoshop · Illustrator · InDesign
Logo, poster and campaign design for a variety of print & digital briefs. An exercise in visual individuality and creativity in briefs whilst adhering to an overarching organisational brand identity.

Iterative design

Identity · Design Illustrator
The iterative, exploratory and reflective method I use to approach design tasks. Examples for "Soundclash", a series of student music events, and "Give it a Go", a community activity drive campaign.

Label magazine

Identity · Design Illustrator
Magazine layouts utilising self-made and team-produced graphics and content.


I'm Jan.

I love irony, cats, world news and BBC Radio 6 Music. I'm part Turk (yep, that explains it...), and my nose is really quite large. There you are: six hypocritically quirky personal facts.

I'm currently working as a digital graphic designer in Nottingham. I design and develop in HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. Work is only work when it's tedious, and in my spare time I get through all sorts of sideprojects to learn new skills, build new tools and fix problems I find.

You can poke me at or via twitter at @JanBaykara (imaginative, huh?).